5 Minute Sono

LAST 5 MIN SONO episode! (Regional wall motion abnormalities)

May 13, 2020

It's been a great few years! Its time to consolidate all the projects I'm currently working.  Over the past year I've been working to move 5 minute sono, ultrasound podast and ultrasound of the week onto ONE website called www.coreultrasound.com

This will be the last 5 minute sono podcast I'll be sending out on this channel, and it's a good one! This week, we're going to talk about regional wall motion abnormalities! 

I will definitely still be making podcasts, but they will be published on the Ultrasound Podcast (if you haven't already subscribed to us there, please do!

To clarify, I'm still going to be making the same great content, I'm just going to be publishing it on the ultrasound podcast, and on coreultraound.com. 


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