The Fetal Heart Rate

February 12, 2017

When evaluating the pregnant patient, the ability to accurately check the fetal heart rate is paramount. Check out this video to see how. 

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The Pericardiocentesis

January 4, 2017

When I'm stabbing people in the chest to relive them of their pericardial tamponade, I like to know exactly where my needle is going.  I also like to know that my needle is aiming for the biggest fluid pocket and going through the least amount of other tissue. Learn how to do this with ultrasound in this weeks video: 

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Radial Nerve Block

December 15, 2016

Every had that hard to numb, complex laceration of the back of the hand? Try a radial nerve block.  Easy, quick, and awesome for analgesia. 

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DVT Update 2016!

November 16, 2016

Hey all, I recently did a few DVT-related videos for the Ultrasound Leadership Academy, and realized that my last DVT video (which I made over a year ago) could use a bit of improvement.  Here's how I do my DVT scans now and how I would recommend y'all do them.  Enjoy! 

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Pericardial Tamponade

October 20, 2016

Last week we learned how to identify a pericardial effusion.  This week: We take it to the next level and use your magic ultrasound wand to decide when stick a needle in the percardium

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Pericardial Effusion

October 14, 2016

The identification of a pericardial effusion can be crucial in your evaluation of a patient with chest pain or dyspnea.  Learn how to cheat and look directly into the chest of your patient without having to rely on tests that are inaccurate or cause delays in treatment

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How I Scan the Lungs

September 29, 2016

The lungs are often viewed as an enigma to point-of-care sonographers, and I often get asked exactly what I do with my hands.  Check out the video to see exactly how I scan the lungs. 

Videography done by Ben Smith, MD (@ultrasoundjelly)

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Retinal Detachment vs Vitreous Detachment

September 18, 2016

Direct retinal visualization can be tough for the non-opthalmologist.  Use your ultrasound to differentiate between a retinal and vitreous detachment accurately and quickly at the bedside. 

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The Case of the Radiolucent Gallstone

August 17, 2016

This week I'm joined by Jess Mason of EMRAP HD and This Won't Hurt a Bit, two podcasts that if you haven't subscribed to yet, you must!

We talk about a case where the CT scan missed a veritable hacksack of gallstones within the RUQ.


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Why we do what we do - An Ultrasound case

August 6, 2016

This week we're going to talk about a case where I was able to quickly and safely disposition a patient home based solely on an ultrasound.... and a UA. 
If you like hanging out and you like ultrasound, come to Cabofest. Hang out with me, Mike Mallin, Matt Dawson, Haney Mallemat, Rob Rogers, Salim Rezaie and many more!

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